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A1A Sanji ZX WheelAlert

ZX WheelAlertAftermarket Spare Wheel Tamper Warning System

First and only of its type.Patented Technology
Simple Fitment into any Vehicle
Integrates with vehicles original alarm system
Protects spare wheel and other attachments
VESA Approved.

A1A Sanji EPS4000-T Park Distance Control System (PDC)

EPS4000-T Park Distance Control System (PDC)

Engaging the reverse gear activates the electronic control unit. At the same time this creates a protective zone around the bumper. An acoustic signal is emitted when any obstacle comes into the controlled area behind the car. The warning beeps get faster as the distance to the obstacle is reduced - so that a collision can be avoided. The Sanji PDC can be programmed at point of fit to accommodate vehicles that have a stationary object in front of the bumper / fender, like a tow bar or a spare tyre, so that it would not activate the signal and would have no influence on the normal operation of the device. The Sanji PDC system can be fitted to any car with perfect colour coding to match the vehicles bumper.

Sanji A1A Power Window Kits

Power Window Kits

Converts your manual windows to power windows - kit for 2 and 4 windows

Easy to fit
Quiet yet powerful motors
Installation within door panels
Suitable for all 12V vehicles
Bushes made of wear-resistant plastic