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Welcome to A1A Boardroom Dynamics. We supply, install and finance video conferencing solutions to the South African market. We are a brand agnostic dealer and will provide to the most suitable customer solution. Our great advantage is that we understand the business drivers of the benefits gained from Video Conferencing.


How and why it will increase our customersí profits is our forte.


We believe in personal contact. We wish to speak to you and understand exactly what your requirements are. We want potential clients and customers to e-mail us and we will return your call as soon as is npossible. We are pragmatic in our approach and execution.


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A1A Boardroom Dynamics is active in the following verticals:



Trade Unions and Bargaining Councils

Church Groups

Alternative Energy Companies

Agricultural Companies

Local Representatives of Multinational Companies

Conference and Tourism Industry

Engineering Companies

Scientific Research Environment

Independent VOIP Providers

Hotel Procurement Companies

Hotel Interior Decorations and Project Management Companies

Recruitment Agencies

Should you require a comparative quote on Video Conferencing Equipment?


Send us your specifications and we will reply with a quote.


Should you want to attend a Demonstration Session for Video Conferencing?


You wish to learn more about the capabilities of Video Conferencing. A1A Boardroom Dynamics will arrange demonstrations with premier suppliers of Video Conferencing Equipment. We will arrange the demonstration at a venue in Cape Town or Sandton.


Are you representing a hotel or PCO and require a temporary Video Conferencing installation for a conference?


A1A Boardroom Dynamics actively supports itís existing customers that supply temporary installations for the MICE and Conferencing Industry. PCOís end Event organisers can make use of this service to obtain comparative quotes for such installations. We have found that this service is increasingly being used for:


Weddings, Funerals and Church Services

Multi Venue Parties, Product Promotions

Community Television

Product Launches

Company AGMís


Should you be looking for a Publically Accessible Video Conference Facility to rent?


We have excellent relationships with the top Video Conferencing Bookings Agents in South Africa. We find that these facilities are mostly used by:


Recruitment Companies that use it for interviews, saving on the cost of traveling candidates.

Project Management Companies

Local Representative Offices of Multi-national Companies

Civil Engineers.

Legal Profession


You need bandwidth for Video Conferencing?


Video Conferencing is a bandwidth intensive application. To do a high-definition conference of acceptable quality an upload speed of almost 1 mbps is required. This exceeds typically what is available from ADSL. This costs for an alternative such as fibre optic or GSM might be prohibitive. Secondly we find that the bandwidth demands of Video Conferencing is disruptive to existing networks and usually get customers to install a separate bandwidth supply dedicated to Video Conferencing. We supply wireless bandwidth in Western Cape and Gauteng.† This bandwidth is installed separately to the existing infrastructure. Often our customers use this capability for Video Conferencing during the day and then for Remote Monitoring of Security Cameras at night, negating the cost of the additional installation.


We will complete a site feasibility at no cost to the customer. Give us your address and we will confirm!



Should you need to rent a virtual room on a Video Conference Bridge?


Benefits of Bridge Rental


No Capital Requirement. Only pay when you use it.

The bridge allows dissimilar types to interconnect. MS Lync, Skype etc.

The Bridge allows for structured, managed bandwidth allowing participants with insufficient bandwidth to participate without affecting the other users.

It greatly reduces the last-mile-bandwidth requirement of the business.

The Bridge can interconnect with users making use of ISDN lines.

The Bridge makes use of priority bandwidth internationally; keeping latency levels low by only using landlines and not satellite communications.



Should you be an established DSTV installer and need assistance with Video Conferencing?


A1A Boardroom Dynamics assists DSTV installers with the supply, installation and financing of Video Conferencing Equipment. Our skill and experience at financing assists with the affordability of Video Conferencing for the customer. What this means is that by making use of A1A Boardroom Dynamics the DSTV installer has access to a new source of profit for his business.



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